Thursday, June 09, 2005

Illustration Friday - DIGITAL

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Illustration Friday - DIGITAL
Using the less common but more original definition of DIGITAL (referring to the digits, e.g., fingers), here's a 10 minute Adobe Illustrator (incorporating the other meaning of digital) quickie because that's all I have time for this week!


Dee said...

haha! That was the first image that popped into my head when I looked up the definition of "digital!"

Anonymous said...

hee hee! you geek! love it! i'm on my way to come harass you, and see your wee pup, and i don't want to see any "digital probing":)

Ellen said...

Hah! My grandson is becoming quite talented with his "digital probe" recently!

may said...

haha! you're hilarious.... what a funky and playful response!

Clarity said...

Thank you for your compliment on my artwork! I really appreciated that! It's always so cool when someone drops by and leaves a comment. I liked your illustration on digital, it made me life. You have such a fun style to your illustrations! (I've been going through your archive). I liked your funny response to this illustration friday!:)