Thursday, April 21, 2005

Illustration Friday - Reinvent

(Click on image for larger view.)
This is my interpretation - not happy with her face in the 90s with that punky hair - her face should be longer, but oh well... this is supposed to be a relatively quick thing since I've been super busy.

Anyway, I think Cher beats Madonna for the title of Mother of Reinvention seeing as she has successfully and often drastically altered her appearance, her voice (electronica) and her scope (singer in a duo, solo singer, actress - a REAL one who has received an Oscar, director, infomercial queen selling hair product, ultimate diva). And thankfully, I don't think she's "written" a children's book (yet).

This is the reference point...


Patch's Palette said...

great illo, elle... looks like alot of work... for you AND cher... :-) they are excellent likenesses of her, too.

my younger brother calls me the cher of our family, because i looked and dressed a little like her in the 70's... the hippie styles, not the half-naked styles. :-)))


Anonymous said...

yay, you did it! i thought for sure you wouldn't get the chance to do so much work. turned out great luv!

Michelle said...

The transformations are amazing, great illustration.