Saturday, April 23, 2005

Illustration Friday - DARING

Illustration Friday - Daring1
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Quick illustration (20 minutes, Open Canvas) for Illustration Friday topic this week: Daring.

Cliff divers are definitely daring. Being kind of afraid of heights (that is, heights without barriers to protect me from falling), this would totally freak me out. I'm not sure I captured the feeling of height here but this is all I had time for this time. Might do something else later since I have a few ideas on this topic (although a few may be cliché).


Anonymous said...

hey toots, suprised you've never cliff-jumped, being a BC girl! we'll have to rectify that (hee hee) your wee person looks pretty trepiditious, contemplating that plunge!

Amy said...

I think you've definitely captured daring. The angle makes my stomach flip. The shadow cast on the cliff behind the figure is great. Really good work!

steve said...

I'd be scared out of my mind if I had to jump over that cliff ! I think you definitly captured 'Daring' here. You are pretty talented to do this in only 20 minutes, I spent 2 hours on mine, and yours still looks better than mine.

Shirley said...

I think you have captured the height - its a real vertigo moment!

Joe said...

Man that is high! great Ill.

Tulipland said...

Wow great looking! it is really daring !! nice illo..
Have a great week! :)