Monday, March 21, 2005

Illustration Friday - BLOOM

(Click on thumbnail for detailed image) I wanted to do a variation on flowers... just a quick doodle in Open Canvas.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, great image ... I so remember BLOOMers. They were the bottom half of sport uniform in the old days.

Anonymous said...

LMAO...looks like my gamas's backyard...i could never stomach putting it all on the clothesline for all and sundry!
cheers luv,

starky said...


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love the yellow pair! Wish I had some like that! Hee hee!


IKA said...

Ms. Elle,

Hi. I like your quick doodle, as you call it, with all those flowery garments, and the sun (maybe fearing the bird will dirty all of them!) It's a charming comp and I like the fact that the framing cuts some of the laundry. Nice take on the subject.

I was reading your "plea" for honest input valued, but I don't know if you meant for all of your images or for last week's fragile baby only. So, this time, I am taking the freedom to say something about this piece. :)

You created a nice texture effect on the garments (the shading and shadows on the fabrics). I think if the sky mimic that effect, it'd integrate better with the overall illustration, and especially with both sun and cloud. For the same reason, I'd think the writing bloomers, stands out too much. Maybe you should move it outside the comp, or create a cloudy texture for it that ties more with the rest.

I don't know, just a thought.

See you around,
Gordana (as IKA)

AGK said...

LOL! It's perfect!

Evy said...

Thanks for the comment!
Your illo makes me smile. very imaginative!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT! I love it! Thanks for the smile (and stopping by my place and saying hello!)


Miyuki Mouse said...

Dropping by from my LJ. Thanks for commenting.

That is so cute! And funny! Great idea :)

Giao said...

Elle, I love it! Breezy, fun bloomers on a string (I love the expression on the sun and the birdie)! =)

Anonymous said...

this is very cute! I was thinking of doing bloomers too!! I love the unique renditions of bloomers!