Friday, March 11, 2005

Illustration Friday - ANCIENT

Pencil sketch on white bond, background misty swirly thing is Photoshop.

(Click the pic for larger view of image.) I have to use this sketch I did some time early last year (or was it late 2003?!??) for the Illustration Friday theme this week: ANCIENT. Dragons are ancient... aren't they? I mean they represent a time of ancient mythology... and they're so awesome to draw. I did this while I was sitting in a Starbucks feeling really angry about something and equating my rage with a fire-breathing dragon. Thankfully, almond triple-shot latt├ęs are a wonderful panacea for most of what ails me. I'm really easy to please.

I had lots of other sketches of things (most of which have been covered fabulously in some shape or form at Illustration Friday). I did a few sketches of really old people but my son said he thinks they say "decrepit" more than "ancient." Then I did some tortoise and sea turtles and redwood trees and a couple of bad attempts at the Coliseum and Parthenon. However, since time is at a premium this week more than usual, here's my sketch. I appreciate anyone's comments and you don't even have to say it's good... I welcome any constructive criticism. Really - I can handle it. <_<


Anonymous said...

most excellent...your comment box is up and running again! keep that dragon locked up, he looks vicious!

Anonymous said...

very nice scary ancient monster/dragon...your drawing style flows very nicely!


chillies and chocolate said...

Fantastic dragon. Can't offer any criticism 'cos I like it as it is.